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Puppy Linux live CD featuring pskmail_server

Puppy linux pskmail server

++ What is a live distro ?

A live distro is a Linux distribution that is executed upon boot. Execution is done entirely from the boot media (cd) and the harddrive is not affected (and not even needed). A live cd is a great way to try out new things and get started quickly. You download the iso, burn it and boot your pc from the cd (just restart and have the cd in the reader).

As the harddrive isn't needed everything on the distro is unpacked into memory, this means that you will need at least 256 MB of ram to run it. This distro has been tested on various pc's, ranging from 700 to 2000 MHz.

You can find all information you need to run puppy here:

Why is there not a live CD with the client?

We now have jpskmail, which runs cross-platform. So you don't need a live CD to run the client on a windows computer. The server, however, is only available for Linux (and that will remain so for a long time… Meanwhile, there is also a puppy CD with the client, as some people run puppy as their main distro…

Puppy linux pskmail server

The CD is based on puppy linux 5.1.1, and contains one of the latest versions of fldigi (3.20.28) and a preconfigured pskmail_server-1.0.26

How to run the pskmail_server and keep your data safe
•Download the .iso file from
•Burn the .iso file onto a CD
•Put the CD into the drive and restart the machine
•At the Boot prompt, write: puppy pfix=ram
•Remove any old save.2fs or .sfs files
•as soon as puppy is ready, reboot (menu->Shutdown->Reboot)
•Save the contents to a disk file (answer YES to the SAVE question, 512 MB is a good size.)
•The system now starts again, and you have 512 MB room for fun…
•Start fldigi by clicking on the desktop icon
•Stop fldigi this will create a config file in .fldigi
•Configure fldigi by clicking on the file
•Restart fldigi
•Grab a console and write:


That starts the server. The dialog asks for your callsign, your smtp server and
your coordinates…

To make these data permanent you have to enter them into the config file,
Get the editor (desktop) and edit .pskmail/ You need to change CALL, location and
beacon message…

Restart pskmail_server.
You are done….


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