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The Quick start guide

What to do after pskmail has started?

First read the FAQ!

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0: Set some configuration values (Edit->configuration)
After saving the values, quit and restart the application!

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1: Set the connection options (Edit->options)

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2: Set the mail options (Edit->Mail options)
Try these settings with a normal pop client first!!
You need the findupassword only for updating your position in connected mode
via email, beacons go straight to the aprs backbone.

3: Send some pings (Ctrl-P) to the server to see if there is connectivity

4: Connect to the server and update the data base (Edit->Update server).

After the database record is updated (the server will tell you if it is o.k.),
you can use the QTC? button to get your mail headers.
Please make sure your pop mailbox is almost empty, otherwise you are in for a very long wait!!
Pskmail parses the complete pop mailbox in order to calculate message length….

5: Use the 'QUIT' button to log off the system.

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6: Set some web page URL's you may want to download regularly (Action->Get web page)

7: Use the Pos. button to send your APRS position to the server

8: Read the Wiki , so you learn what else you can do with Pskmail….

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