FAQ_Client operation

Basic settings for the pskmail client:


My Call

The call you want to use for APRS or connect to the server. You can use
different calls (e.g.XX0XX, XX0XX-1, XX0XX-2 etc.) But all these must be
in the server data base to work. This way you can e.g. connect to
different providers. I use PA0R-1 for direct connect to the internet
with Xastir and PA0R (as short as possible) to connect to my primary
email through pskmail. I could use PA0R-2 for getting mail from my gmail

Link to

The server you want to use. There is a list of servers on the pskmail
wiki (http://pskmail.wikidot.com/wiki:frequencies), and every server op
is supposed to update that list.

Block length

The initial blocklength as an exponent of 2 (4=16, 5=32)
Depending on channel quality pskmail will increase or decrease the block


Your position in decimal degrees.

Beacon qrg

The time slot (minutes modulo 5) you want to use. When the server is in
scanning mode it can be on any of 5 different fequencies, and you pick
the channel by picking the minute. '1' means you use time slots 1 and 6
If you put the client in scanning mode it will send connect request
packets only during that time slot.

Mail options:

Pop host

Pskmail can use any pop3, http or ftp server you can reach either on
your own machine, on a LAN or on the internet. In other words, any
server which holds your mail, web page or (text) file.
In most cases you will want it to be the pop3 server of your isp.
We have added popssl capabilities in order to use gmail accounts.

Pop user

The user id that goes with above pop host

Pop pass

The password that goes with above user id.

Reply to

The address you want return mail to be sent to i.o.w a valid email
address you own. This is necessary to be able to send mail via pskmail.
Every SMTP server will be pertinent to know your return address, it will
refuse to deliver anonymous stuff (and rightly so).

Findu password

There are 2 ways to send your position to the internet.
Unproto mode (the way APRS does it) sends a beacon every 10 minutes to
the server. You can set the beacon minute and beacon second in the
pskmailrc.pl config The APRS agent in the server will only pass valid
packets (packets that pass the CRC test).
In connected mode the position is sent per email straight to findu.com.
Findu does that only for stations that have a call/password account.
Everyone can get one, please refer to the explanation on

SMTP relay

This config option is in the pskmailrc.pl config file.
It must contain the address of the SMTP server of your isp. The smtp
agent in the pskmail server only works with non-authenticating servers
at the moment. Normally SMTP servers do not require authentication for
clients within their own ip range. Gmail is an exception (because it
serves any client that has a gmail account and cannot use the ip
address). We will add authentication capabilities in future).

APRS beacon text

This config option is in the pskmailrc.pl config file.
You can set the symbol ('@') and the comment text. Please refer to
relevant web pages explaining APRS…

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