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Rein, PA0R

You will also find a lot of information on the main web site for PSKmail:

Open network. Client Software Android-client Server Software PSKmail Philosophy

Welcome to PSKmail wiki, community for global communication

PSKmail is a communication software used and developed by radio amateurs.
Users of PSKmail form a flexible, independent and decentralized global network over hf-radio.
PSKmail also offer a long-distance gateway to internet services like email or twitter.

PSKmail is a multi-purpose tool for radio communication:

On field: PSKmail is suitable for campers, sailors, hikers, bikers…for hobby and for communication needs.
Thanks to servers adaptive logic you will not need a lot of transmit power, and modest antenna will most likely work of useful reference see it here

For emergency communication: PSKmail is field tested and you can practice to use it every day.

Or just for fun: Enjoy magic of amateur radio at your shack.

Multi-purpose: File upload and download, email services, text-page loading from Internet (like weather forecasts), short quick emails throw APRS, twitter tweets sending. And it can be used to sent status updates for Facebook also…

Stay on map: PSKmail offers APRS location and message sending and receiving and also iGate for transfer APRS-data to Internet. PSKmail works together with mapping software such as xastir, for local or global needs.


Adaptive:PSKmail offers possibility to automatic message transfer in hard communication conditions. If needed, it will chance to most robust modes available and it uses arq for strong error-correction.

Flexible network architecture: Keyboard-to-keyboard chat also between clients. APRS iGate also on clients. Decentralized: works also totally without Internet. Multiplatform: Java-based clients. Also free Android-client available.

Open source software, voluntary servers: Free and open network.

(Although you are supposed to buy a beer to PA0R whenever appropriate.)

Mainstream clients: V1 and V2 are java-based to be independent from operation systems. V1 works also on ARM like Raspberry Pi.

Ultra-portable client: AndPSKmail is for Android-devices. Supports also Bluetooth audio.

Server software: The PSKmail server functions as a secure gateway between the PSKmail network and the Internet. Servers are developed for Linux but usable at Windows also.


PskMail, both client and server, works happily on Raspberry Pi. Here remote desktop of RasPi is on android-tablet and Pi itself is installed inside of FT-897.

Mainstream Java-clients: V1 and V2:

Client software needs no special hardware, it uses computer soundcard.
Client is versatile multitool for ham. With PSKmail client it is possible to use email or get weather forecasts while you are on ocean or desert - but you need to have some knowledge about HF-radio.
Client can send position beacons to APRS-services, and your location can then be seen anywhere over internet. Client also receives location information over HF from other PSKmail-users, and you can see their location on map if mapping software, like Xastir, is used. This does not require internet connection.


Version 1 uses Fldigi as a modem.

Good place for detailed information is manual:
Manual Version1.5.7 pdf


Version 2 have own modem included.
Manual V2.1 pdf

PSKmail-software is free and open source.
Client software (and server) is also downloadable as puppy live-cd version for rapid use.


PSKmail on puppy-live CD



AndPskmail is client software for android-devices. It can use devices own gps to produce APRS-location beacons. Other capabilities are quite similar to mainstream clients.

A good place for detailed information is manual:
AndPskmail manual (pdf)
AndPskmail page


Server software

The Pskmail server functions as a gateway between the PSKmail network and the Internet. The most important internet services it offers are: Email, browsing the web (text only), APRS services (messaging, short emails, posits) and Twitter.

The server can interface with a local Email server in case the internet is lost in an emergency. It holds an info file store for download, which can be periodically updated
The PSKmail server can also be used to broadcast bulletins, when necessary.

The server software is only available for Linux, but there are provisions to easily run it on a windows computer…one is to use Puppy-live-cd which contains also server.

Server manual (pdf)


PSKmail philosophy

- PSKmail network have no single critical point: PSKmail uses a decentralized client/server gateway concept.
- There is no central server holding any info.
- The smallest working system is 1 server + 1 client. (Clients can communicate each other also.)
- Open source software only: Can be modified for special use.
- Uses existing hardware
- Multiplatform: Available for Linux, Android, OSx, Windows (XP, W7)
- PSKmail is a community effort. Main developers: Rein PA0R, Per SM0RWO, John VK2ETA, Klaus DL4OAH , and numerous sysops and testers around the world….

PSKmail network explained (pdf)

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