December 30, 2011, jPSKmail 1.5 stable release

This is a stable release so focus has been stability.
Some noteworthy changes include:
•Integrated address book, when sending an email just select an addressee from there
•Priority outbox, select what email to send first (necessity for local mail, useful for MARS)
•Bug fixes, stability and useability fixes

This release can be downloaded here:

October 5, 2011, AndPSKmail-0.84 alpha now available for testing…
Changes include:
•RSID receive now implemented, allowing automatic mode switching. Fully compatible with server 1.4.12 onwards. Older servers work too, but not with PSK31 and PSK63.
•Custom list of modes (any mode between PSK31 and PSK500 inclusive).
•QTC (email headers request) now request new email headers only
•Long Press on an email header request that email to be downloaded
•Re-organised preferences into screens

Code available at

June 30, 2011, jPSKmail-1.0.0 released!!!

jPSKmail-1.0.0 marks the official release of pskmail v1. Users are advised to install
this new shiny release which has undergone heavy testing…

May 9, 2011, New TRX at PI4TUE, PTT via hamlib rig control now possible.
I have installed a new IC-7200 at the pskmail server @ PI4TUE. The 7200 seems like an excellent rig for use as a server.
Only connection needed between the computer and the rig is a USB cable. The sound card is a pretty simple device inside the IC-7200.
There are no controls, so you cannot do anything wrong even if you wanted to…
The audio levels for the soundcard are fixed, only the modulation output can be changed (USB level).
The 7200 has an IF DSP filter centered on 1500 Hz. Frequency control is via the same USB cable (/dev/ttyUSB0).

I have included a PTT command in the new server image (1.0.43, in alpha), which neatly switches the TX on and off
at the right times. To activate PTT control via hamlib, add a parameter to the config:

This should also work on some other rigs which are supported by hamlib.
Neat stuff….
73, Rein PA0R

December 23, 2010, The jPSKmail HF ARQ client teams up with xastir and UIview APRS applications

SM0RWO has added an APRS server port to jPSKmail, where you can connect APRS map applications like Xastir or UIView. Just connect your map app to 'localhost 8063' and show the posits received via HF on the map.
The server also supports the ~GETNEAR command for the pskmail server to grab the list of nearby APRS stations/objects, so you can see on the map where your resources are located.
This new feature extends the capabilities of jPSKmail in the field of NBEMS.
Other features include ARQ client-to-client chat, file up- and download, aprs messaging and short emails.
jPSKmail clients also include an Igate function for use at home…
Installers for jPSKmail-0.8.5 are available for Linux, windows and OSX; they can be downloaded at
jPSKmail is an open source multi-mode soundcard application which uses the well known Fldigi program as its modem. It asymmetrical adaptive mode/speed switching based on actual channel characteristics; it uses BPSK, PSKR, MFSK and THOR to cover differing band conditions.

More information at

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