Faq Tty Tutorial

This page tries to give you a step-by-step tutorial for using the TTY client for chatting.
For sending messages in TTY mode (client-to-client) see FAQ_TTY Emergency communications , but read this page first…

insert here startfldigi.png
Start Fldigi=
insert here startpsk.png
Start psk_arq.pl=
insert here TTY.png
Set TTY mode=
insert here setcall.png
Set the call of the station you want to connect,==here PA0R-1== =
insert here connect.png
Push the Connect button=
insert here sendingconnect.png
The Connect packet is sent…=
insert here connected.png
We are connected.=
insert here sendtext.png
Send some text to the other side…=
insert here otherside.png
What is going on at the other side (PA0R-1)?=
insert here received.png
This is what we wanted. Look at the figures in the status bar…We can now disconnect (push the quit button)
insert here disconnecting.png
Mission accomplished, disconnecting now .=
insert here disconnected.png
We are disconnected.=

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