Faq TTY Emergency Communication Tutorial

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This page shows you how to send email messages from one client to another,
for those cases when a server connected to the internet cannot be reached.
First see the FAQ_TTY Tutorial

First open the message window =
insert here newmessage.png
Then generate a new message. =
insert here okbutton.png
When it is ready, just say OK. The message is stored in the 'Outbox'. ==You can generate as many as you wish.== =
insert here sendbutton.png
Now connect the station (see FAQ_TTY Tutorial) ==and push the send button== =
insert here sendingmail.png
One message is now transferred. =
insert here maildelivered.png
The mail has been delivered, you can send the next one. =
insert here mailarrived.png
At the other end the mail has been added to the 'Inbox' file… =
insert here mailclient.png
And can be read with the standard unix 'Mail' client =
insert here mailclient2.png
This message can be be sent to the nearest server, or the next client… =
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