Faq Fldigi Ptt And Rig Control With Usb Ports

How to configure fldigi and pskmail for use with USB ports

I have tested 5 pskmail versions and on 4 of them the USB/RS232 convertor

One thing to remember is that in puppy you must boot with the USB converter
connected, in puppy USB plug-and-play does not work!

•In the puppy version which runs under QEMU in windows PTT does not work,
probably because it is based on puppy-2.7. You will need to generate your PTT separately
by deriving it from the audio stream.

The following puppy CD versions work:


Under UBUNTU it works fine as well, I tested:
•PSKmail_client-0.7.tar.gz for ubuntu 7.04 and ubuntu 7.10
•pskmail-0.8_ubuntu-8.04.tar.gz for ubuntu 8.04

The fldigi config screens for puppy is below.
The difference to 'normal' Linux is:
•In UBUNTU the USB ports are called /dev/ttyUSB0 … /dev/ttyUSB3
•In puppy they are called /dev/usb/ttyUSB0 and /dev/usb/ttyUSB1
(watch the way it is written).

I tested this with a Magellan 320 GPS and my FT897D for the client.
I use grig to control the frequency of the TRX via hamlib (fldigi does not
use hamlib with pskmail).
I tested the server frequency control with the FT897D.

In puppy, USB is not plug and play. This means USB converters have to be
connected at boot time!

PTT output is configured in fldigi:
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